About Us

Kommund was created as nobody can ignore the mass of paper-waste anymore we create every day.

Out of the 4.51 Billion packages that were shipped in Germany in 2022 alone, most entered the recycling-process immediately after a single use. In general this is the correct process but the question arises, if the quality of all these packages was so poor that a second shipping-cycle would not have been possible anymore?

There are refund-systems in place also for shipping-material but they are time consuming or complicated and do not really contribute to a positive customer experience.
Therefore a system was needed that allowed every user, no matter if private or commercial, to re-use their shipping-material mutliple times. And all this as easy as possible.

After a lot of thought and many prototypes, the idea to T-Seal arose. This concept would make an end to all the problems mentioned above and while doing so, helps to reduce CO2 emissions and costs for shipping-material significantly. Something completely different and innovative, if compared to other concepts.

A rather personal challenge was my own background though. After studies in Economics, my career path was mainly characterized by sales roles in the IT- or Telco business, which had nothing to do with shipping-material.

Nevertheless, as I believed in the concept, I decided to act on the principle that “The world belongs to the bold” and fully committed to the T-Seal project early 2023. Since then I am extremely happy to have learned very much, which enabled me to continually develope T-Seal further.

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